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When I’m Old

This is a poem I wrote about anxiety and how things that feel catastrophic now aren’t always worth the time and stress we tend to waste on them.


Simple Beauty

Do you ever stop to notice the beauty of our everyday world? Like how the wintry field provides us with a white blanket of crystal grass. How the orange sun hidden behind painted clouds...


Just Jump!

Perfection is a deadly virus That whispers sweet lies in your ear It tells you that you’re not good enough Until hurt is all you can hear Mistakes feel like the world is ending...


You Taught Me

You taught me that life is precious. It’s fragile and slippery and if I stop paying attention it might slip right out of my grasp.   You taught me to always remember how much...



Compulsion. Noun. First definition: the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something; constraint. Constraint…   Hello. My name is I_Collect_Words, and I am no longer defined by my compulsions.  ...


Rise Above

Some people try to explain The way the world works, Some people hide away And don’t embrace their quirks. But if you live everyday In constant fear of pain Then you’re just wasting your...


Neutron Star

  I am a star, shining bright in the night.   I guide travelers and wanderers, handing out all my light. I help and I save and I glow and I give. And I...


The Realm of Calm

This poem/short story was inspired by one of my all time favorite books: I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. The Realm of Calm: I step into my room and gently close the...