When I’m Old

This is a poem I wrote about anxiety and how things that feel catastrophic now aren’t always worth the time and stress we tend to waste on them:

When I’m Old

when I’m old and I’ve lived my whole life

my wrinkled hands won’t remember

the faded scars acquired in times of strife

my wrinkled hands will remember

the cramps conquered with years of piano

my foggy head will no longer despair

if I cannot word for word define the word nano

my foggy head will then only despair

at the wasted time spent frantically studying

when I’m old, will I regret

the grades that I’ll forget

or the times that I would fret

when I’m old, will I think back

to all the things that I lack

or when I stopped taking flak

I hope I’ll have learned it’s okay

to sometimes be led astray

I hope I’ll be able to say

I had fun while finding my way

What are moments in your life now that you want to remember? How do you think you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by anxious feelings now? Do you think you’ll remember your worries now when you’re older?

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