Just Jump!


Perfection is a deadly virus

That whispers sweet lies in your ear

It tells you that you’re not good enough

Until hurt is all you can hear

Mistakes feel like the world is ending

And you don’t deserve forgiveness

Suddenly you’re your every action

And with every slip up you’re less

Perfection is the chain that binds you

Then smiles and avoids the blame

It spurs your reach to achieve it but

Your success is never its aim

Mistakes seem to betray your journey

When really they’re lessons you’ll learn

‘Cause who really wants to win something

They didn’t have to work to earn

To be alive is to live life with a smile

And enjoy the ride for its bumps

So why can’t we, ourselves, simply live

Worry less about the outcome; just jump!

Jump for the love that you’re free to have

And jump for who you are

Jump for whatever you believe in

And jump for all your scars

Just jump!

Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist? How do you handle or embrace making mistakes? Do you have any advice you try to remember whenever you feel self-critical?

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