The Benefits of Humming

When you’re upset, stressed or sad do you ever find yourself humming a familiar tune?

Research shows there are many positive benefits to humming.  One article, recently published in Psychology Today, lists a few of the major positive outcomes when one spends at least 20 seconds a day humming.

A few benefits listed in the Psychology Today article are as follows:

  • humming eases stress,
  • makes you to feel more relaxed and,
  • provides you a sense of inner peace.

Also, read about one individual’s experience when they decided to try out humming by clicking here!  And you can even make it into a trivia game with apps such as iHum Nation, Battle & Hum, or Let’s Sing.  Try humming a melody and have your friends or family guess the song!

Have you ever tried humming?  Do you have a favorite song that you hum?  What are other ways that you cope with stress?  Share some of your own techniques below!

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