Making Decisions and Taking Action

I am in no way a business person, so when my close friends and family began to tell me that I should start selling my art, I felt less than capable to be able to sell my own products. To me, the idea of selling what I create provided anxiety about whether people would like it, whether they would think I was ridiculous, and whether people would actually buy things. The idea of selling what I create also brought me a lot of joy to think I could share what I love making, I could make people happy, and earn money while doing so. It felt like an opportunity that I did not know the outcome to.

I spend a lot of time thinking about doing things that I want to do without action to actually do them. I will mull over purchases, big decisions, small decisions, and everything in between and usually end up not making any decision whatsoever. The item stays in my shopping cart online, the conversations I need to have get pushed back another day, and many other examples. Naturally the decision to sell my art was no different.

Instead of allowing this decision to sell my art to sit forever in limbo, I decided I need to start acting. I want to be a doer rather than an (over)thinker. Sure, it is important to think through tough decisions, but I figured what can I lose if I start small? So, I put a post on my personal Instagram, asking if anyone was interested in buying one and I’d be happy to make them something custom. Within 24 hours, I already had four purchases. Even though they were all from close friends, I felt supported for what I was doing and am excited to get to work on these items for them.

Sometimes taking smaller actionable steps can lead to greater things, especially when anxiety feels too big when thinking about the huge end goal. I plan to continue to grow in this business of selling my art, and I hope to continue to grow as a person as well, continually practicing my transition from an overthinker to a doer.

Has your anxiety ever prevented you from doing something? Were these things that were important to you? Are you an overthinker?

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