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Mental Health and Hobbies

As a high schooler, there’s a lot going on in our minds… getting things done on time, friendships, relationships, and the biggest of all: school. Stressing about such things only increases anxiety, sometimes to...


Stay Productive

People need to rest sometimes. That is a given. However, knowing how to find the proper balance between work and rest is not a given. Note that proper balancing of these two forces is different for each and every person. Nevertheless, it is up to each one of us to find the optimal mix for ourselves.


Pursuing Passions Even When Your Busy

This is something only for the past year since the pandemic started that I really tried to make more of an effort on: to make sure you’re pursuing activities and hobbies you are passionate about even when it feels like you don’t have time, and all in all that is to ensure you do not burn out from overworking and stress.


Hobbies and Mental Health

One of my biggest coping skills is practicing one of my endless hobbies. Whenever I feel like my feelings are going to swallow me whole, I try to use a hobby to channel that energy. This is where it helps to have multiple hobbies.


Making Decisions and Taking Action

I am in no way a business person, so when my close friends and family began to tell me that I should start selling my art, I felt less than capable to be able to sell my own products. To me, the idea of selling what I create provided anxiety about whether people would like it, whether they would think I was ridiculous, and whether people would actually buy things.


Accountability in the New Normal

As life starts to hopefully return to normal, I’m wondering which “quarantine” activities will stick with me. As someone who has been in grad school for the past 2 years, this was the first true block of time I’ve had to explore some new hobbies and to work on self-improvement.


The Semester Is Over, Now What?

Being a college student definitely can be stressful, but during the stay at home order, along with added stress from the coronavirus, it was a nice escape to keep busy with coursework and final projects.


Taking Up a New Hobby: Cooking

I have never liked cooking. I would always stick to simple meals, usually just chicken and rice, to get me through the week. I thought that cooking was way too time-consuming, and I dreaded the cleanup. 


The Importance of Hobbies in Dealing With Anxiety

As the new year (and decade) started hitting, like most others, I began to reflect on 2019 – what went well, what didn’t, what I accomplished, and what I want to improve. And in talking with my therapist recently, I’ve decided the big overarching thing in my life that I want to improve is my anxiety.


Hobbies Help Keep Away the Summer Blues

Summertime is something students look forward to all year. But some people develop the “summer blues.” For these people, the summer’s brutal heat, bright light, and long days can contribute to depression. Also, when...