Learning to Ground Oneself

As someone with anxiety, I have learned, and maybe you have too, the tool to help you when you are feeling a panic attack. It is to think of five things you can see, four you can hear, three you can touch, two you can smell, (and one maybe taste). This act of bringing yourself to the present moment can be classified as grounding oneself. While very useful, I find that this is sometimes not enough. When my head is spinning, bringing myself to the present moment is only the first step.

I came across a podcast the other day that provided an acronym for grounding that really provides for me an accurate way to what I do when I am fully bringing myself away from anxiety and towards peace. Each part of G.R.O.U.N.D. is something that you can touch on every day.

Give yourself a space to feel.

You are allowed to feel and your feelings are always valid if they are true and coming from your heart. Allow yourself space to feel any emotions you may be having.

Remember you are enough.

No matter what, you are enough. Always.

Operate in the now.

Bring yourself to the present. Do the five senses task and focus on what you can do right now.

Use support from others.

Get support from those who love you unconditionally.

Nourish your body, refresh and restore yourself.

Your mind will not operate at the same level if you are not well nourished, healthy, and moving your body, but allow yourself the time to rejuvenate.

Do the things that bring you joy.

It seems simple, but often times it’s easy to get stuck doing everything except doing the things that bring you pure joy, especially when your mind is having anxious thoughts. Bring yourself back to joy by doing the things you love.

Have you ever had a panic attack? What do you do to help ground yourself? Have you ever done any part of the G.R.O.U.N.D. technique before?

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