Eating Right to Promote a Healthy Mind

There are various reasons to eat healthily. We often assume a diet is something that restricts our calories in order for us to lose weight. That may be one form of a diet, but that really may not be all that healthy for every individual. For someone struggling with mental health issues, I find eating the right foods and having a balanced diet can rejuvenate my mind.

Recently, I have tried to purchase foods that cater to my body type and will provide me with a lot of nutrients. This can be expensive as a fair warning; however, there is a way to buy the correct foods without spending a mini fortune. Make a list of exactly what you want for a week and set a budget and stick to it. So, what foods do I buy to make me feel physically and mentally more healthy?

I personally buy a diet that is high in protein and low in carbs. Protein gives my mind the extra kick it needs to keep going all day. I struggle with motivation and energy, something a lot of people with depression face. Buying foods that are high in protein–nuts, meat, eggs, greek yogurt, protein bars–make me feel like I am overcoming this lag. Maybe it is the placebo effect of eating healthy, but I personally find that it helps.

I also try to avoid processed foods and non-organic foods. These products contain artificial ingredients, are high in sugar and fructose corn syrup, are low in nutrients, and the chemicals in them can cause one to become addicted to them. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle that is hard to break. So, do your best to avoid products that are heavily processed and not organic. Stick to what your body needs. As I said, I need a lot of protein, but ask a nutritionist or look online what is best for your body and mind.

You will be shocked at the benefits you experience when you eat right. To name a few: enough energy to get you through the day, more motivation, self-confidence, and body appreciation.

I have also recently begun taking multivitamins and other supplements to contribute to this “healthier body healthier mind” lifestyle. Changing what you eat in small and simple ways can have a huge impact on your daily mindset.

Have you ever made changes to your eating habits? How do you define a diet? How did they make you feel? How do you monitor your eating habits in a way so that it doesn’t add additional stress (whether mentally or financially)?

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