My First Therapy Session

I have been struggling lately and I am now not afraid to admit it.

With school, COVID, family and relationship problems, I have been frustrated and stressed with so many different things. I have been mentally and physically exhausted. I finally decided, I need to do something about how I am feeling.

I was always the person who thought they could deal with problems on their own and that I was able to push through. Even though I can manage most of my problems, my mental health was only getting worse. I finally decided to make the step and set up a session with a counselor. I realized that I cannot do this alone and that it is okay to need some outside help. I had my first session yesterday and I was very nervous about opening up to someone and talking about how I feel. I am generally a very reserved person and I do not talk about my feelings often, even with those who are close to me. I am just a “suck it up, buttercup” kind of individual!

But, when talking with my therapist, it was so easy. I loved having someone there to listen and give me advice and be a non-judgmental shoulder to cry on (which I did). It was really self-reflecting for me because I am not one to talk openly. It was very powerful and enlightening for me. I got a lot of relief from my session with my therapist and scheduled another for next week. I am really excited to be able to share my worries with someone else and learn a little about myself along the way.

If you are someone like me and are hesitant about trying therapy, give it a try! You deserve that time for your mental health!

Have you recently started therapy or some sort of counseling? Who do you usually confide in? Are you someone who keeps things to yourself?

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