Celebrities With Mental Illnesses

Many teenagers with mental illnesses feel like they aren’t “normal” and that they are alone in their men-311308_1280struggle. There are so many YouTubers and singers that have spoke a lot about their struggles with mental health, and I feel as though knowing of celebrities that talk openly about their own personal struggles can help teenagers suffering with similar things.

Daniel Howell and Markiplier are just two examples of YouTubers who have talked very openly on their channels about issues they have faced with their mental health. Sometimes when Markiplier is struggling, he just makes a video talking about it and posts it at 2 A.M.

I feel that is very helpful, especially for people having a hard time sleeping because of their mental health, because it gives the opportunity to feel you aren’t the only one going through this, which can make it easier to talk to someone about it as well. I really relate to Daniel Howell’s struggles in particular. I recommend watching his video titled “Daniel and Depression” where he speaks on how exactly depression has affected him and how he gained the courage to speak about it.

Other celebrities, like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Britney Spears have talked openly about their mental

illnesses. Demi Lovato spoke openly about her struggles with bulimia, self-harm, and bipolar depression. Selena Gomez spoke openly about her panic attacks, anxiety, and depression after being diagnosed with lupus. Britney Spears has also spoken openly about her bipolar depression. All three of these women have received help in mental health facilities and have spoke of how their experiences have improved. I feel this is important for teenagers to hear because it helps them see that even celebrities have similar problems to them so it can’t be that “weird.” It also provides hope that they can get better and their struggles won’t always be so hard.

Are there any celebrities you relate to or feel have helped you in their openness in talking about their mental health? Why do you think more and more celebrities are opening up?

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