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Overanalyzing Social Media Posts

Earlier this week, we mentioned the Britney Spears documentary that has sent social media in a frenzy. As we mentioned in our Monday post, many have used the documentary to reflect about how the culture at the time vilified, sexualized, and mocked a celebrity in her late teens and early 20s to the point that it likely contributed to the mental health issues that became the center of her celebrity status.


Mental Health and Dream Jobs

Relationships with celebrities and public figures on social media can be complicated, to say the least. They’re glamorous, rich, and doing their dream careers, but are also relatable and remind us that even the most extravagant of people are human. It’s a combination of helping us realize what we can achieve and what we can do with our lives, but makes it very easy to compare ourselves to those with makeup and stylist teams, not to mention making us vulnerable to developing parasocial relationships with them.


Celebrities With Mental Illnesses

Many teenagers with mental illnesses feel like they aren’t “normal” and that they are alone in their struggle. There are so many YouTubers and singers that have spoke a lot about their struggles with...


Music for Healing

What draws people to music are not just how catchy songs can be and the artists’ personalities, but also the subject matter. Music allows those performing, writing, and listening to it to express themselves...


Celebrities Suffer Too

It is easy to think that celebrities live perfect lives that we can’t even imagine. However, more celebrities face mental illnesses than you may think. Here are some examples of inspiring celebrities who have...