Fighting the Sunday Scaries

Since being placed in a new position at work a few months ago, I have found myself increasingly anxious on Sundays as the prospect of a new week looms. My new position comes with a lot of added responsibility which, for me, translates into a lot of added stress. I work hard each Sunday to find techniques that calm me down and help me enter the week more prepared.


This is a big one in my life. No matter how stressed I am, going for a run, do yoga, or going to the gym helps calm me down and feel more in control.

Spend time in nature

Especially with the cooler weather, I’ve been trying to spend part of my Sunday connecting with nature. There are so many trails in Pittsburgh to take advantage of and it’s hard to feel too stressed surrounded by such beauty. 🙂

Clean my house

Or your room, if you’re still in school. Having a clean space to start a Monday helps me go into the week feeling ready to conquer anything.

Spend time with friends and family

No matter how stressed I am, spending time with people I love helps distract me and we often make plans to see each other again, which also helps get me through the week.

And, last but not least, I try to remember that my job is in PR, not the ER. This isn’t true for everybody, of course, but no one’s lives are depending on me. If I make a mistake or miss a task, the world isn’t going to end. My career isn’t the end all be all and it isn’t worth spending my entire Sunday with my stomach in knots.

My list is by no means exhaustive, but I’ve found them to be useful in managing my anxiety entering the new week.

Have you tried any of those techniques? What else do you use to manage the Sunday Scaries? Do you find yourself getting anxious on Sundays?

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