Thanksgiving and Eating Disorders

As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with binge eating. That being said, one of the biggest holidays revolving around food is coming up fast. This causes so much anxiety for me leading up to it.

I am constantly thinking about if people are watching me eat, or watching what I eat. Being a bigger girl, I always have anxiety around eating in front of others, because I feel judged. If I’m eating alone, I fear people see this as me eating because I’m larger, but when I’m with friends eating in public, I feel people don’t look at me as much or at all because I’m eating because I’m actually hungry.

If you don’t experience this, it might be hard to understand. I’m fearful on what emotions I will feel on Thanksgiving. I don’t want to feel judged on what I eat, but I also want to enjoy the holiday and the good food. I can imagine that this holiday is stressful for anyone with any eating disorder. I’m always in my head, especially about eating and food, but these feelings really seem to heighten over holidays such as this.

How are you feeling about the upcoming holiday? Is there anything about this time of year that causes you stress?

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