Weekend Reads: Support for Your Mental Health this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday to navigate. Although it’s meant to be, well, a thankful time of year, it can still be painful for many. The history behind the holiday, the emphasis of being around family, and the potential of being around all kinds of triggers can make the upcoming week mentally taxing. Others might be anxious about the expectation of cooking for hours, while many might be grieving this year due to losses of those close to them or not being able to hold a “traditional” Thanksgiving due to the pandemic.

For today’s resources, we wanted to share a few stories about coping during Thanksgiving. They cover a variety of potential triggers, and if you aren’t able to relate to any of them, at least understand that you’re not alone if this time of year is harder for you than others.

A Thanksgiving Message from Seven Amazing Native Americans

How to Cope with an Eating Disorder During the Holidays

Dear Therapist: My Dad Expects Me to Spend Thanksgiving with His New Family

15 Women on How They Cope with Grief Around the Holidays

What is Thanksgiving looking like for you this year? Is there anything about the holiday that is causing you stress or upsetting you?

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