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Photo Credit: keepps via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: keepps via Compfight cc

Big changes can happen during adolescence and young adulthood. NAMI recently stated that one in four college-aged students have a diagnosable mental illness, but less than half seek professional help. This gap happens for a number of reasons including stigma, fear of being labeled, and not being aware of the help that’s out there.

An organization called Best Colleges recently provided some great mental health resources to SOVA that might be of some help, even if you’re not in college. The first resource outlines suicide prevention. They also have a page that describes some important mental health challenges that many people face- including anxiety and depression. There are some great tips in there for recognizing the signs and symptoms of these mental health problems. Finally, here is their general resources page. Check out the links and let us know what you think!

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