You don’t get it

You’re right. No one gets it. No one totally gets you. We are all unique, its true. But there are so many things that are similar between us. One of my favorite movies is called Babies. Its a documentary showcasing babies from different cultures all over the world – one is in San Francisco going to baby yoga class, another is in Mongolia crawling in between cows in a big field. Another in Nigeria and another in Tokyo. But they’re all doing the same things – learning to eat, getting frustrated with things they can’t do yet, and playing with their siblings.

Photo Credit: TheeErin Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: TheeErin Flickr via Compfight cc

Sometimes when we go through difficult emotions, we can feel so isolated. When in reality – many people have experienced similar thoughts to ours and gone through similar struggles. Often mental health professionals have gone through their own struggles with mental illness and it can be a reason they are passionate about helping others. Experienced mental health professionals have also heard many human stories and so even if they don’t quite understand what you’re going through, they may be comfortable with it because they’ve worked with someone similar.

Some people don’t want to start or don’t like therapy because they don’t feel like the therapist or anyone gets them. One of the goals of therapy is to better understand yourself to get to a place of mental wellness, feeling comfortable with your thoughts and emotions. If a therapist can guide you there, maybe you both can get to know you better over time.

Do you sometimes feel like no one “gets it”?

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