Situational Depression

16224073802_d4ebd5eeaf_oSituational depression is a type of depression brought on by a stressful event or change. When this event is hard to cope with or when change is really hard to get used to, one might develop situational depression. While situational depression is a type of depression, there are differences between situational depression and clinical depression.


Clinical depression is also known as major depression or major depressive disorder . Clinical depression often lasts over a longer period of time than situational depression, but the symptoms are very similar (SOVA post describing symptoms of depression). Even though there are differences between situational and clinical depression, it’s important to consider that sometimes one might have underlying clinical depression that is brought on by a difficult situation or change. Whether one is experiencing situational or clinical depression, it is important to seek treatment before things become overwhelming. Depression might be temporary or it may be long-lasting, but the benefits of treatment go a long way, whichever the case may be.


For more information on situational depression, visit elements behavioral health website.

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