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When we are stressed, it can feel like our brains are scrambled and it can be difficult to sort through all the noise. Life can get very busy, and it can be overwhelming keeping up with everything. Setting SMART goals can go a long way in helping us to stay on track. Sometimes though, it’s helpful to have all our thoughts and things to do in one easy-to-access place. While planners are extremely helpful, it isn’t always possible to keep one on us.

Given our increased reliance on technology, it isn’t surprising that a number of productivity and organizing apps have popped up. Here are a few to try to help keep goals and tasks in order:

TickTick: TickTick is great for putting all your tasks in order and tracking habits. You can also make tasks with deadlines and reoccurring tasks! There are multiple ways to organize your tasks, such as categorizing them by priority levels. The one downside with this site is that you would need a Premium paid subscription to see all your tasks in calendar form. You can see more tips on getting started here.

Notion: Notion has a lot of great templates and features included in their free version. You can customize how you view your to-do lists (calendar view, list view, to-do board, etc.) and add custom tags to each event or task. You can download it as a phone or desktop app and include reminders for events. Notion is especially helpful for project management, and you can view your upcoming tasks in a timeline format. You can find more information here

Some other fan favorites have been Habatica and ToDoist and for those with Apple Products TimePage and Things3.

Have you ever tried any of these apps? What were your thoughts? Are you willing to try them? What helps you stay organized?

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