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The Importance of Setting Goals

I recently ran my first ever race and it got me thinking about how
exercise has played a role in my mental health. Finishing the race was a huge victory for me, for a couple of reasons.


Tackling Appointment Anxiety

If you’re like me, any kind of doctor’s appointment comes with a lot of anxiety. Having mental health problems along with chronic illness requires a lot of appointments for me to try and cope with. While I know its important to keep the appointments, I’ve found myself canceling them in the past due to anxiety.


Oranges for Anxiety

The past few weeks have been particularly rough for me in regards to my anxiety. I’ve been experiencing a range of slight nervousness to full on panic attacks. You probably have had similar experiences. In the middle of a panic attack, it’s difficult to stay grounded and rationalize your behavior.


Staying Clean with Coping Skills

It is not uncommon for people who once used self-harm as an unhealthy coping skill to deal with urges and thoughts of relapse. It becomes especially hard to combat those urges when faced with a triggering situation.


Using Weighted Blankets to Stay Calm

It feels that there are a ton of products available recently to help your mental health, particularly with calming anxiety. Some use essential oils, or you may have heard of light lamps, and of...


Superstition: Is it The Way?

As Stevie Wonder once sang, “Superstition ain’t the way…”or is it? Most are to some extent superstitious, whether it be knocking on wood, reading your daily horoscope, or friggatriskaidekaphobia (the fear of Friday the 13th)....


Art and Healing

In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron states that humans are naturally creative beings – we have an innate desire to express ourselves and seek beauty in our surroundings. Visual art, music, literature,...


Learning to Run

Sometimes all we want to do when going through a hard time is to run away from all our problems. This can be especially true when dealing with a mental illness, when our thoughts...