How Journaling Helped Me Process My Emotions

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Have you ever let an emotion control you? It is not a good feeling. If you’re anything like me, sometimes dealing with hard feelings can derail your entire day and drive you to unhealthy coping mechanisms that end up making things worse. 

A few years ago, my therapist recommended journaling when I feel overwhelmed by my emotions, and it has helped immensely. Writing down my feelings helps me organize my thoughts, vent irrationally if I need to, and express feelings on paper without feeling ashamed. It has a similar feeling of relief as venting to a friend, except without the worry of overwhelming another person with your problems, or the risk of judgement.

When I feel overwhelmed by an emotion, my impulse is often that I need to do something to address it. Historically, this leads to me turning to bad habits and unhealthy coping skills to get my mind off of it, or neglecting my responsibilities to fixate on the feeling. However, journaling provides a satisfactory feeling knowing that I have managed my emotions, without the repercussions of the alternative unhealthy coping skills. Through journaling, I am able to be fully honest about how I am feeling with no need to explain or justify my emotions.

Do you find journaling helpful while navigating strong emotions? Has it been a useful coping skill? Please feel free to share below!

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