Music and the Brain

We listen to music all day, everyday. If we are in the car, at the dentist office, at the store, we constantly are being exposed to music. But, do you really think about the effect that music can take on our brains and our mood even when we don’t think about it?

Over time, listening to music can improve your mood, language skills and creativity. Different varieties of music are helpful for situations and I love that music is so flexible and changing. When I study, I listen to soft/relaxing music, when I workout I listen to pop or up-beat rap.

I find that my music can influence my mood and that my mood often influences my music. I use music as a release as well as a relaxation tool. It can help calm me down or even hype me up for important activates. Music has been proven to helped ease anxiety, increase optimism and even studies have been shown that music can relieve long-term pain in some patients.

Music can be helpful mentally, emotionally and physically. When I find myself down or sad, I throw on an upbeat playlist and that can help put me in a better mindset. Spotify even has playlists dedicated to different moods such as Have A Great Day or Confidence Boost. I would highly recommend using playlists like this or even making your own with your favorite types of music. If you put yourself in the right mindset with the right environment, it might just help you with that extra boost of confidence!

What is your favorite type of music? Do you have different types of music for different activities or different moods?

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