Taking a Break from Social Media

Sometimes it can feel like you live on your phone/tablet/computer. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, on and on! Everyone wants your attention!

Photo Credit: Joe The Goat Farmer via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Joe The Goat Farmer via Compfight cc

You give likes, you get likes, your phone buzzes, little red numbers come up on the apps letting you know about every interaction, every moment someone may notice you.

Are you giving yourself time to just be you?

There are lots of ways to take a break from social media without having to “disconnect” completely. One way is to take all “push” notifications off your phone – that way you have to actually open the app to see if anything is happening. This is especially useful if the notifications distract you from school work or other tasks.

Another option is only using the computer for social media. This means taking some or all of the apps off your phone. It makes it so that when you sit down at your computer you know whatever is happening on your social network doesn’t have to literally be with you all of the time.

Taking a break from social media does not have to be an All or Nothing situation. It can be a simplifying of what you engage in.

How do you take a break from social media? Have you ever done it on your own? Have you tried a day with out checking your various accounts? How did it feel? 

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