Social media: reflect back

Photo Credit: The Open University (OU) Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: The Open University (OU) Flickr via Compfight cc

Have you noticed that sometimes after looking at social media, you feel worse?

Sometimes it is fun to look at social media, but other times, it can worsen your mood.

It can be different for different people, but some of us feel worse when we:

  • See pictures of friends getting together without us
  • Are having a bad day, yet everyone else’s posts seem to look like they are having the best day ever!
  • See someone’s post about something we don’t like or agree with

When you are in an ‘okay’ mood – try this:

  1. Look at your social media sites and posts you’ve already looked at
  2. Write down what posts would annoy you or make you feel bad
  3. Think about what is the same between those posts

Next time when you look at it – notice if you are seeing the things that make you feel worse – and either skip over them, read our post about how to customize your social media, or just stop looking at your phone or computer and do something that makes you feel good!

What kind of things have you noticed makes your mood worse on social media?

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