Do We Share Too Much On Social Media?

Social Media is all about communicating and sharing your experiences with friends and followers. The question is at what point does it become too much and we begin to overshare? How and what we choose to share on social media will affect how people see us. It is important to be mindful of what information you decide to disclose. Psychology Today has provide some tips to help keep oversharing to a minimum.3333841090_c0d144158e_o

  • Don’t Tell everyone what you ate for breakfast….if you communicate with them a lot 
    • Studies show that when individuals share trivial or superficial information on social media it impacts relationships. Those closely associated with the person find more dissatisfaction in the relationship when told trivial information but it had little effect on those the person had less contact with
  • Don’t whine 
    • Research found that people don’t like viewing negative posts. Also when outside observers, unknown to an individual, evaluated the statuses/posts, the more negative and less positive emotions that are expressed, the less the person is liked by the observers
  • Show, but don’t show off, your romantic relationship 
    • This is not to say don’t talk about your relationships but keep the SUPER “lovely-dovey” posts and statuses to a minimum. People see others in happy and healthy relationship, but just limit some displays of affection to just each other and not the entire internet
  • Show who you are…but do it by being positive 
    • “Disclosing information about yourself in a way that gives people a full impression of the kind of person you are can make a better impression, as long as you keep the tone positive.
  • Don’t be completely self-centered
    • Those that post more self-oriented posts tend to receive fewer posts from others. It can also create a bad impression of who you are when the goals of social media is to connect but you are only posting about yourself.


At the end of the day just keep in mind that social media represents who you are to many people. This is a snapshot of your life and you want it to represent the best of who you are.

Have you overshared or seen others overshare on social media? What was the result?

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