Beating the Social Media Addiction

Addicted to social media? It may sound silly, but stop and think for a minute. How often do you check your social media accounts? Once an hour? Every half an hour? More?

We all seem to fall into a pattern of automatic checking and and posting on any one of the several existing social media outlets. These outlets have become such huge parts of our lives that it is easy to become wrapped up in them to the point of missing what is actually happening around us. Doing such can actually disconnect us from those we care about if we start to focus too much on our media worlds instead of our actual worlds.


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So, if you think you might be qualified as a social media addict, try out these steps from Real Simple magazine to help you be more present.
1. Give Yourself Rules

Decide when you do and don’t want to be on social media. For example, choose to focus on other things whenever you’re outside or in bed.

2. Buy an Alarm Clock

While it might seem more convenient to use your phone, using it as an alarm practically begs you to stay on it for 15 minutes before getting up.

3. Sign Off for a Weekend

Seems scary right? You can do it! Giving yourself the space from those in your social media circles will free up mind space, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings.

4. Think Before You Check

Is the reason you are checking your phone boredom? If so, wait until you have a more concrete reason to do so, such as viewing a friend’s prom photos. Try something else that will boost your mood instead.

5. Consider Your Motives

Think before you post.  Why are you posting that selfie? Sometimes we post selfies because we want a pick up – someone to give us good feedback. But that doesn’t always happen – and it can just make us feel worse if we don’t get likes. Try sending it to someone you know cares about you – like a friend or supportive adult.

6. Respond Another Way

Did Facebook just tell you it’s your friend’s birthday? Skip the “Happy bday!” wall post and send them a text instead. Maybe they will just like your post – but maybe if you text them, you’ll set up a time to get together and really catch up on how they’re doing.

7. Cut it Out

Alerts and addicting apps can get in the way of you going on with your day. What are the apps you really like and need? Can you delete Words with Friends? Need to study? Disable your internet for a while so that you can focus without interruptions. Maybe even delete Facebook and Twitter altogether during finals week!

Adapted from Real Simple article by author: Julia Edelstein

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Did you try any of these and like the outcome? Let us know!


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