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We Stop Hate is an inspiring program that was started by a teenage girl who was constantly bullied by classmates and peers. She was inspired to make the world a better place for teens everywhere, so that no one has to endure that same pain. It’s goal is to raise self-esteem in all teens, with the intention of stopping self-hate, hating others, and letting others hate on you.

They have started so many incredible programs that help teens everywhere remove hate from their lives. Love, Yourself is one program that they promote, that encourages teens to write themselves a note with only one rule: you can’t say anything negative. Writing positive attributes about yourself, things you’re proud of, and reasons to be happy will help you to love yourself and you will undoubtedly pass it along!

Another awesome project is Natural Day. The challenge is for schools (or your group of friends) to designate a day where no one wakes up to do their hair or make-up, or stresses about appearance. (Even your teachers!) It allows everyone to feel beautiful in their own skin, and to love the natural you!!

You can purchase a wristband as a constant reminder to love yourself, and to promote the cause. Celebrities that support We Stop Hate include Lady Gaga, Mitchell Musso, Rebecca Black, Whitney Port, Nick Cannon and many more (and have been seen sporting their We Stop Hate wristbands!)

Have you visited the website? Have you been inspired to join one of the projects?

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