New Years Cleaning

Material things bring me joy. Having too many things however is a source of anxiety. Every time there is a holiday where gift giving is involved, I try to ask for items that can be “used up” and thrown away such as nice skin care, food items, or different things that I would like to try but wouldn’t normally purchase for myself. This way I can accumulate less items, because once they are empty, I can throw the container away. One of the reasons I do this is because I have a very difficult time donating and throwing things away. This can range from clothing to random objects or house décor.

Not having an easy time getting rid of material goods and hating clutter around my house are two attributes that do not mix well. Over time and with speaking to others I have learned that I build up a lot of anxiety before getting rid of possessions, much like how I can build up anxiety before an exam or when having to travel. As someone who has a more clear, and happier mind in a less busy, cluttered area, this is something I am trying to overcome. I would love to hear if anyone else struggles with getting rid of stuff and any ways you have found to make it easier on yourself.

My current method is to fill a bin with stuff I think I can part with. This way the bin can sit in my house for a few weeks and if I miss anything greatly in the bin, I will keep it a little longer. If I don’t remember what items are in the bin, or I don’t reach for them, I have an easier (but still a bit painful) time getting rid of the items in the bin. I am hoping this method will make it easier as time goes by to not get so anxious about parting with possessions. This is something I don’t want to have to be anxious about, so I’m hoping to ease the stress.

Do you consider yourself a minimalist or someone who likes to own a lot of items? What is your relationship like with the physical items you have in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed or at peace with the possessions around you?

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