Keep Calm and Listen to White Noise

keep calm

I grew up in the country in a two-story house that had no air conditioning. When June rolled around and the steamy weather arrived, my dad would go down to the cellar and bring up our huge standing fan, set it in the upstairs hallway, and turn it onto the highest setting to try to pull the cool evening air into the hot house. I was a pretty anxious kid, and resistant to changes, so for the first couple of nights after the fan came upstairs, I’d have trouble sleeping—and then I’d sleep like a baby. And when September came and he took the fan back to the basement, it would take me a couple weeks to learn to fall asleep without that “white noise,” because it was—and is—so relaxing.

Sometimes you might want to listen to something while you’re reading, working, or trying to relax but music is too distracting. Try a “white noise” app or website! On noisy summer nights, you can switch on your white noise to drown out the sound of your neighbor mowing the lawn at 11 p.m.

  • Free white noise app: White Noise Lite
  • You can also buy a white noise machine for around $50.
  • Listening to white noise instead of music can help you to be more focused, calm, and productive!  More info on what white noise can do for your brain here.

Or you can go to Target and buy a fan for a lot less than $50 🙂

So tune into that soothing static and relax!

What kinds of white noises are your favorites? How does listening to white noise make you feel? Share with us in the comments!

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