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New Music Monday

Music can help us in many ways. As several posts here have discussed, it can be particularly helpful when it comes to calming anxiety, providing an escape, or even helping us feel justified in...


Sitting in (Not So) Complete Silence

For some, the quiet can be peaceful. There are no distractions and a place for them to focus on their thoughts without any outside intrusions. For others however, the quiet can be deafening and can cause them to feel incredibly anxious.


Keep Calm and Listen to White Noise

I grew up in the country in a two-story house that had no air conditioning. When June rolled around and the steamy weather arrived, my dad would go down to the cellar and bring up our...


The Healing Power of Music

Summertime is the time to relax! But some of us have real trouble relaxing and putting down our worries. We might pop on a pair of earbuds and find some music to help us....


Making Art Online

Sometimes it can be nice to distract yourself with something fun you can create! Weavesilk is a site that allows you to make symmetrical art easily with only a mouse. Here is a drawing...


Simple Steps for Facing Holiday Blues

As the holiday season approaches, it’s good to be aware that the blues can overtake us. Many times, families have expectations that drive stress: either that things should be perfect; or that things will...


The focusing power of music

With the Fall semester quickly approaching, we know that sometimes it can be hard to concentrate on the task at hand.  And it has been shown that music can be calming, relaxing, and useful to...