Helping Where You Can

Trigger warning: mass shooting, terrorist attack



We understand that this week may have been a difficult one, given the tragedy that occurred last Saturday here in Pittsburgh. Our thoughts continue to be with those affected.

If you are still looking for resources for coping and finding someone to talk to, we have offered a few options below:

There has been an outpour of things that you can do to help. For those who are still looking for a way to help, here are a few resources:

You can also call 412-350-4456 for the Allegheny County DHS Mental Health Services. By telling them what kind of resources you’re looking for, they can direct you to relevant options.

The local and national support in response has been overwhelming, so the options above aren’t the only ones available. Whatever you choose to do, or if you feel like you can’t do so, know that you’re not alone.


Moderator ★

Hi! The moderator is a research team member with a background in behavioral health. We're here to help answer your questions and stimulate some great conversation! We don't provide therapy and are not available 24-7 so please if you are in crisis, go to our crisis page: We look forward to talking to you!

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