Keeping Your Cool

As we hit the halfway point of summer (how did that even happen?), the temperatures are likely getting even higher, if they’re not high enough already. If you live in an area with high humidity, it can feel even hotter than whatever temperature is displayed on your watch or phone.

While often associated as a time for relaxation and fun outdoor activities, heat and humidity can have a significantly negative impact on our mood. This can range from feeling cranky to angry, and unfortunately, even violent.

This summer is significantly different than previous ones too. The onslaught of continuously bad news, most of the time caused by COVID, can not just have us feeling sad and hopeless, but also angry and frustrated. The combination of both this and the summer heat can have you even more on edge compared to maybe even a few weeks ago too. Anger is also likely to occur in those with depression and/or anxiety, and these external factors can trigger that even more.

Unfortunately, the heat and the pandemic are clearly things that are out of our control, and waiting for them to go away is just not a possible solution. There are still ways to keep your cool both literally and figuratively, and definitely tons of quick solutions if you have the right tools on you.

You’re probably trying to keep cool right now, whether it be through air conditioners, fans, or even grabbing a nearby magazine or book and waving it back and forth. However, the best recommendation we suggest to both ground yourself and reduce the heat is to keep yourself hydrated. It’s quick, accessible, and the relief of taking a cold sip of water when you’re not feeling that great can almost feel like a miracle. Dehydration can contribute to other negative effects like headaches and fatigue – things that can also negatively impact your mood – so it’s important to stay hydrated as much as possible too. Keeping a reusable water bottle nearby or on you can make a huge difference, and there’s so many different kinds that are available so you can choose one that functions best for you and that is also aesthetically pleasing. We recommend having an insulated one so the water stays colder for longer.

Of course, while keeping yourself hydrated is incredibly important, it’s not the only way you can stay cool. Hopefully however, as this summer sluggishly continues, you can find other creative ways to cool yourself down as well.

What ways do you keep cool during the summer? Does the heat impact your mood? How’s your mood been recently?

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