Embrace Your You

Why is it so easy to criticize every aspect of ourselves when we would hardly ever think of criticizing those same things in others?

It’s the little things that we subconsciously tell ourselves that make up those harsh criticisms. For example, “I need to diet so I can wear the same bathing suit as her.” If you want to start a diet so that you can feel better about your health and lifestyle, then that is wonderful. But don’t let your motivation be solely so that you can look like somebody else. Your body is perfect just the way it is. Because it’s you.

Same goes for how you treat yourself in school. “Why do I have to study so hard when it’s so easy for him to get good grades without even trying?” Try not to let somebody’s outward academic appearance make you feel inferior. If you need to study a little extra, it’s probably because you want to succeed, want to learn, and want to be sure that you tried your best. You feel that you don’t belong or aren’t “naturally smart,” but you are. You can do anything you put your mind to. Because you’re you.

These criticisms can also be more subtle and short, too. But those can be just as negative. “I won’t be able to do it as well as they do.” Assuming that you can’t do something before you actually try just isn’t fair to yourself. Comparing the way you do something to the way someone else does isn’t fair to yourself either. Try this instead: try comparing the way you did something now to the way you did it in the past. Do you see improvement? If not, could you try harder next time? What could you do to succeed as YOU, without comparing your abilities to the next person? Try to respect and love yourself the way you do others. Because that respect and love is what makes you you.

It’s no secret that some days it feels like everything is just going wrong. Maybe you feel inferior, incapable, and let down. Left and right, things start to tear you down and make you unhappy. In that moment, it may feel like all you’ve got is yourself. So instead of conjuring up such critical opinions about your looks, your intelligence and your abilities, remind yourself that you know how to rise above those criticisms. You are strong. You are powerful, brave, smart, unique, and fabulous. And no one can take that away. So believe in yourself and go out there and shine in this world. Because you’ve got to embrace your YOU.

Do you think you criticize yourself too much? In the past, or even now, what have you done to help combat negative thoughts you have about yourself and your abilities?

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