Why Your Physical Space is Important for Recovery


LEAD Pittsburgh hosted its first speaker series for FOCUS (For Our Children and Us) this month, addressing topics concerning children’s mental health to the adults that have a presence in their lives. During this inaugural Inside Out workshop at the FOCUS workshop, Shanon Williams spoke about her business Self Care House Keeping, and the implications of physical space in regard to any person’s mental health. Shanon discussed the mission of her business, and the purpose of the services she provides.
She explained during the discussion that a person’s physical space is very important in a person’s mental health recovery. However, she recognized that for many people suffering with mental health problems, it is very difficult to take care of one’s physical space needs. These needs include cooking, cleaning, organizing, and even paying one’s bills. As these tasks pile up they seem to become impossible , and unmanageable. To help, Self Care Housekeeping provides services such as cleaning, organizing, meal prep, and paying bills.
The tips she has for people suffering is to remember to ask for help. She emphasizes that it is okay to need a break and a helping hand during a mental health crisis. Another tip she has is to look at one’s surroundings and recognize that if you aren’t taking care of your physical space needs it may be an indication of mental health distress. The first sign of mental health distress usually are change in behaviors, and not taking care of one’s self.

While organization and cleanliness can help clear a distressed and anxious mind, it’s not always easy to take that step, particularly during a mental health crisis. Shanon recognizes that, and offers these services in order to help.

What are the signs to you that your mental health isn’t at its best? What do you think of others helping you clean and get organized when you’re unable to?

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