Recognizing My Anxiety

Recently I sensed a change in my mood. My thoughts have been racing, I have been feeling more and more fatigued and just overall worried and anxious.

Even though sometimes I get this type of anxiety, I could not pinpoint the source of it for the past couple days. I had nothing to worry about and have just been going through my normal day and studying for some upcoming tests. Even though I was not consciously anxious about my upcoming duties, my body was definitely feeling it. This was an experience that was all new to me.

Finally, I had to sit down and understand why I was feeling the way that I was feeling and come to terms with my feelings of anxiety. I figured that even though consciously I was not worrying about my tests, something in my brain was. It took me sometime to recognize that I was still anxious about school as well as some other minor things in my life.

When I finally came to terms about this anxiety and the physical symptoms it was causing me, I can now use some techniques to help manage it. I have been listening to music, going out for walks and talking to my friends and family. These techniques have helped my “subconscious” anxiety a lot, even though I really didn’t recognize it was there for awhile.

This experience made me realize how much more I can be in tune with my mental health and gave me a reminder about how often I should be checking in on myself.

Do you ever feel anxious without knowing why? How does your body react when you’re anxious?

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