Change and Growth

I have struggled with wanting to try to change the people I care about most. I pick up on this attribute when I am difficult on my siblings and family members. Wanting them to try harder, be better, make smarter choices, has always been cycling through my mind. It is difficult to see the people close to you hurt, stuck, or upset. Sometimes I feel like I know what steps they need to take to keep moving forward, but when they do not attempt what I suggest, or simply do nothing at all, I get upset. My mindset is that one must always keep moving forward because the world does not stop for one singular person. I understand that this is not how everyone’s brain works. People will not be able to think how I think or do what I do simply because I know it will help. Sometimes others need more time before they realize they can start to change or how to turn things around.

Over the years, I have learned that for myself, I need to acknowledge when I have these feelings, explore them, and decide how much emotion and energy I am able to put towards each “issue” family members face. I have learned how to better communicate with different people in my life. Each person usually needs a different type of reassurance or help to get them to keep moving. Although I still do not know how to help each of the people in my life fully, I try to remind myself not to get too upset of frustrated.

I have learned how to better manage my mental health when helping others and it has made a big difference. It is important to check in with yourself and not just those around you. It is definitely not something I have mastered, but I move a small step further with every encounter. Make sure you are taking time to acknowledge your feelings and notice patterns.

Have you ever struggled communicating with those you care about regarding their well-being? How has this impacted your own well-being? What can you do in these instances to take care of yourself?

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