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Being Only Human

Almost anything can affect us negatively. Pretty much anything can affect us to an extreme degree, even if we don’t expect it to. It can be the major, like aspects of a relationship (friend,...


Mental Health Resources for Black Youth

It can be difficult to find resources for mental health resources that feel like they’re targeted to you. This is particularly true for minorities and underprivileged groups. Racial and ethnic minorities have less access...


Likes, Comments, & Shares – Social Currency

Social media has connected the world unlike anything else ever has. You can keep in contact with friends and family with ease as while as share individual experiences with the world. Social media has undeniably changed how we all interact with one another, but can it also lead to negative outcomes?

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A gentle reminder of empathy.

Sometimes we share with folks our struggles and pain.  In response, sometimes we get the shoulder we need to cry on, sometimes we get the understanding nod, sometimes we get the dreaded statements that...


Finding a Therapist Who Relates to You

The mental health profession, unfortunately, lacks diversity. The American Psychological Association found that 86% of practitioners are white, with other races making up less than 5% each. In a nation that continues to not...


The Hunt for Podcasts

Podcasts have boosted in popularity in recent years. Pretty much anyone can start one, about any topic, and talk for as long as they want about it, with a few tangents and distractions here...


Video Games about Mental Health

More often than not, people have a negative view of video games and its relationship with mental health. Video games are often associated with addiction and seen as a poor coping mechanism. Those who...


Challenging Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive distortions are negative thought patterns that often lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Distortions are typically conclusions that we jump to without considering all of the available evidence. They can be irrational...