Author: maverick


Sleep Hygiene

The amount of sleep I’ve had in any given night is the single most important determinant in how my day is going to go. This is because sleep correlates with emotional well-being, physical health and ability to concentrate and function adequately throughout the day. I find myself especially cranky and kind of insufferable to be around on days that I haven’t had enough sleep – I’m one of those “don’t talk to me until I’ve had coffee” kind of people.


Mental Health and Hormones

Does it feel like sometimes, your mental health ebbs and flows with your hormonal cycle? You’re definitely not alone. I used to think I was losing it: because not only did I display physical symptoms of PMS, but I would also notice a flare-up of symptoms of my mental illness, or an episode of severe depression or anxiety which coincided with this time during my cycle.


Online Therapy

Do you have reservations about online therapy? Do you feel like your therapist won’t really “get” what you’re trying to say if you’re not physically in the room with them?


Therapy: Myths vs. Reality

Interested in therapy, but not sure what to expect? Maybe you’ve heard some therapy horror stories, or seen some memes online that have deterred you from seeking services? As somebody who has seen a...


Negotiating Relapse

Recovery from mental illness is not always a straight line in an upward trajectory. In fact, the path to recovery is almost never straight and easy. There isn’t necessarily even a discernible end goal—a point that you’ll...