Negotiating Relapse

recoverytrajectoryRecovery from mental illness is not always a straight line in an upward trajectory. In fact, the path to recovery is almost never straight and easy. There isn’t necessarily even a discernible end goal—a point that you’ll reach when you can say, “I’m done recovering.”

Everybody struggles with relapse. I’ve had small relapses that are simply bumps on the road, but I’ve also had relapses that I’d categorize as huge, staggering roadblocks. Each and every one of these has taught me more about myself.

A few things I’ve learned in my journey of recovery:

  • There are going to be some setbacks. And that is okay. I will get through them.
  • I have so, so many people who want to help me. So I try not to be afraid to ask for help.
  • Choosing yourself as a priority is the most therapeutic thing ever. Do this more often.

Those are the reminders I give myself on days when I struggle to look at the big picture and negotiate relapse. What are yours?

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