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Not Alone

Watch this powerful video featuring inspiring stories of struggle. Sometimes when you are feeling alone, it can help to hear from others with similar hardships. What did you think? Share your thoughts on the...

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What gives you hope? We found a website givesmehope.com (warning: has a lot of advertisements) where people can share little stories about their lives that gave them hope. Sometimes, its the little things that get us...

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Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. –Rumi Let us know what this quote makes you think about in the comments!

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Need a minute?

Are you feeling especially anxious or sad today but can’t get away from a screen? Try going to www.calm.com and taking a minute for yourself. What do you do when you’re feeling especially anxious?...


Be Yourself

Featured Photo Credit: Valeri Pizhanski via Compfight cc What is your advice to strangers? Let us know below!

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You Matter

Introducing YouMatter!!!! An online suicide prevention site structured around a blog written by young people around the country who write about their own real experiences and how they worked through them. The site’s main theme...