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Often one of the hardest topics to bring up with an adult is the changes that are happening to your body. However, there are some things that simply shouldn’t be left to your imagination or Google to figure out. When changes are happening or concerns are arising, a trusted adult can help you sort through them.

Why should you talk to your parents or a supportive adult about your health?

Simply put: they’ve been there, done that. Every adult went through changes that confused them at some point, and they likely talked to an adult about them and remember how awkward it can be. Chances are they will be able to provide advice or information from their own experiences, or if not they can find trustworthy answers. Although the conversation can be uncomfortable, talking to someone who cares about your health can help guide you through your concerns.

If you feel like talking to a parent is completely out of the question, turn to another supportive adult. This could be a family friend or relative who you trust and has shown you they care about your well-being and want to help you, your teacher or other support person at school.

When should I talk to a doctor?

When changes first occur, it can be hard to know what is normal and what isn’t. The first step would be once again to reach out to a parent or trusted adult. They will likely know if something is normal or if you should speak to a doctor.

Doctors can also be wonderful resources, even if your question isn’t about a serious medical concern. They are experts on bodies and have heard it all. When talking to a doctor, remember that no question is a dumb question. Just as your parents, their primary concern is your health and safety.

Source: Planned Parenthood

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If you have any good advice on talking to parents about health concerns, share them below. 

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