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Gmorning, Gnight!

Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of my biggest role models – he’s such an uplifting and inspiring person! As an actor, musician, writer, producer, and activist, some of his accomplishments include writing and starring in...

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Morning Pages and Artist Dates

In my last blog, I wrote about how art has been therapeutic for me, and I mentioned the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I wanted to dig a little deeper into two activities that...

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Art and Healing

In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron states that humans are naturally creative beings – we have an innate desire to express ourselves and seek beauty in our surroundings. Visual art, music, literature,... 0

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

As I was looking for a new TV series to start a few years ago, a friend of mine recommended Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I had heard about this show in passing but had never looked...

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Caffeine and Mental Health

Last month, I wrote about the comforting properties of hot beverages. I’d like to dig a little deeper into a component of some popular hot drinks: caffeine. There’s no doubt about it: caffeine is...

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Hot Beverages: A Soothing Winter Remedy

Winter weather is upon us! While some people embrace the cold, others (myself included) would much rather stay indoors under a pile of blankets. Cold, gray days can also trigger seasonal affective disorder or...

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Is Your Schedule Too Busy?

Teens today are busier than ever before. Between school, activities, sports, work, and social events, it seems like we’re always on the go! While it’s good to have a few enjoyable events on your...