Weirdest Introduction

Hi, it’s Kit not Kit kat but Kit smiles because that’s what I want to do more often. Today I was on Snapchat, but for most of the day I was doing intensive research on my laptop on all sorts of things. I go on my Snapchat and I was sent streaks , which is like snap pics you send to friends. The most weirdest streak was from the guy I was seeing, he sent me a streak and I seen his tabs in which he had a tab entitled “my ex,” and how devastating (sarcasm).

Holy crap he’s still not over her ?? It does not make sense! The streak was blurry but I’m 100% sure one of the tabs said “my ex” like he was googling a question about her. That’s super weird, but it’s what I needed to see I guess? I mean rejection hurts but this was a total shock to my ego. He had like 19 tabs and my eyes literally spotted it, like walking into a clean house and immediately looking at the sink full of dirty dishes. That’s exactly how I feel – his image is now stained. I guess you can never get too comfortable with someone.

To be quite clear I don’t even know how I feel about the person, but it’s still awkward? It’s like a sneak diss , that he did not even know he exposed. I mean I’m not going to mention anything of course. But it’s very weird like I don’t know how to process my feelings, it’s just like ya know, weird. I guess distracting myself would help, maybe some mindfulness but for now I don’t know what to do with the feelings.

How do I react? Well I don’t: trying to figure out my defense mechanisms is something that I have been working on to better my mental health. I think processing emotions is key. Right now my body is signaling this voice saying “I told you so,” so it’s like I had a defense mechanism already set up for disappointment without even know it . As of right now everything else in my life is going great and my future is very promising, so I will most likely not mope around about this because this is one small aspect of my life.

Have you ever seen something on social media that affected your relationship – platonic or romantic – with someone? Have you ever been sent something over social media by accident? How has social media affected your relationships with other because of what they have sent or posted?

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