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Seasonal Changes

As the weather cools, the sky darkens, and the color of the leaves change, so do our behaviors and attitudes. The term often used is “seasonal affective disorder.” Our energies begin to compare with the depleting elements in our environment.


Helping Parents Acknowledge Depression

As if your brain wasn’t already cooperating with you enough, sometimes it can be hard to verbalize what is happening in your head to your parents (or anyone). Depression, anxiety, and other mental health...


Realistic resolutions

New Year’s season is the time everyone’s making resolutions: drop those extra pounds, start training for that half- or full-marathon, totally nix sugar (and maybe even go full vegan or Paleo!), earn straight-As, and...


Self-care: Sleep matters too!

How can we take care of others if we don’t—or won’t—take care of ourselves? Flight attendants instruct us that, in the event of crisis, we must put our own oxygen masks on before trying to...


Motivation to Move!

We’ve all heard about how exercise can help reduce depressive and anxiety symptoms. However, despite knowing how much it can help, it can still be difficult to find the motivation to get off the...


Communication Tips

We found a great article about how to have more effective communication, not just with your parents, but with everyone (e.g., friends, peers, colleagues, partners). Why this resource is helpful: It gives advice on good communication,...


Talking to Parents

Communicating with your parents is good for your health! We found this research study about teens’ relationships with their parents and we thought it was very interesting. This is why we think this resource...