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Again, what is happening to my body?

This is a follow-up to a blog post yesterday talking about the unknown, physical symptoms that can be tied to mental illness. We encourage you to read both posts and share your experiences with physical symptoms.


Therapist and Friend: Kati Morton

“A process, not perfection” -Kati Morton Kati Morton is a licensed therapist that uses her YouTube channel to provide advice and support to subscribers.  Every week she posts new videos and answers questions about...


What is Depression?

Depression can be a confusing illness. We often think having an illness means you have a runny nose, a stomach ache, or some part of your body is in pain. Usually you take some...


Asking questions about your health

Being a young person is full of changes, and some of these changes may lead you to having questions about your health. You might wonder whether the things you’re feeling, thinking or experiencing physically...


Why I Stopped Self Harming

Trigger Warning: Self Harm  I recently found this article called 8 Brutally Honest Reasons I’ve Stopped Self-Harming and I found it to be very interesting and honest. Self Harm is something that many adolescents struggle with daily...


Everything all in one place: Half of us!

Sponsored by mtvU and the Jed Foundation, Half of Us is an online site which provides various types of resources in all different forms of media. Some highlights of the site include: short videos from teens...


Self Evaluator Assessment Tool

The Self Evaluator tool is a Project of the Jed Foundation and was developed for ULifeline by Duke University School of Medicine. It screens for thirteen of the most common mental health conditions that college...


Mental Health Check-up

A Brief Mental Health Check-up Take five minutes and ask yourself these questions! The American Psychiatric Association is a great resource to use when you are interested in gaining more knowledge about mental health! Let...


Journaling Toward Mental Health

I recently found an article on Amy Polar’s Smart Girls website about Journaling and I thought it would be great to share here.  One of the things I really liked about the article was...


Self-care: Why exercise?

Self-care is all about improving ourselves, having more energy and being more satisfied with the events happening in and around us. Self-care involves a daily routine to achieve these goals by implementing the three core methods...