Everything all in one place: Half of us!

Sponsored by mtvU and the Jed Foundation, Half of Us is an online site which provides various types of resources in all different forms of media.


Photo retrieved from http://halfofusrx.com

Some highlights of the site include:

  • short videos from teens and artists about their struggles (You’re not alone!)
  • information about emotions and how to deal with them
  • help with handling all types of day-to-day situations, such as break-ups, money problems, and body image issues
  • help going through LGBTQ issues
  • facts and research about different disorders, like anxiety and depression, which are more reader-friendly than some other resources

My favorite part of this site was watching the short videos of other people discussing the issues they had and, most importantly, how they asked for help. Getting examples from a face with a name really helped me. I realized and remembered that other people have gone through similar issues and struggles, and that some of their rehabilitation mechanisms and ways to ask for help could work for me (and maybe you too).

Did you try out the site? What did you find useful?

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