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The Neuroscience Behind Using Instagram

Using social media can feel like a mindless activity. Most of the time, we’re opening apps and scrolling as if on instinct, and before we know it, it’s been an hour of alternating between apps and retaining absolutely nothing about what you just saw and who you interacted with.


The Influence of Influencers

This past week has shown the power of YouTube influencers. The 43-minute “takedown” video by Tati (a notable beauty YouTuber) of former mentee and friend James Charles (also a notable beauty YouTuber) not only...


Instagram Invites

Using the internet to send invitations have come a long way since the earlier days of social media. The original “Evite” dates back to 1998 and can still be used, where flashy animations describing...


Monitoring Time on Instagram

There’s no doubt about it, Instagram is incredibly popular. As one of the most frequently used sites among adolescents, it’s easy to get sucked into the endless photos and videos, as well as the...


Do You Have A “Finsta”?

A lot of teens have a fake Instagram account, or “Finsta,” because they think it allows them more privacy than a real Instagram account. Finstas are usually more private and closed than accounts with...


Ten Great Social Media Accounts To Follow

If you are looking for some great mental health organizations to connect with, look no further! Twitter The following 10 Twitter accounts tweet great mental health material related to wellness, awareness, and eliminating stigma....