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Dealing with Holiday Blues

The long-awaited holiday season can evoke so many emotions; joy, thankfulness, love, excitement, wonder – annnnd anxiety. If you’re like me, you may be feeling guilty for not sharing the same joyous emotions that...


Mental Health Support this Holiday Season

This week, we wanted to share a few resources from professional mental health websites and practitioners to learn some coping mechanisms and suggestions specifically for the holiday season. We feel an obligation to be happy and cheery this time of year, but the reality is, it’s just as easy to feel depressed during the holidays as happy.


Watching the Holidays on Social Media

We’ve discussed before how being 100% happy during the holiday season is just not realistic. In fact, feelings of anxiety can spike (especially those taking finals), the holiday blues is a real phenomenon, and as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, those experiencing seasonal affective disorder may start experiencing symptoms.


Simple Steps for Facing Holiday Blues

As the holiday season approaches, it’s good to be aware that the blues can overtake us. Many times, families have expectations that drive stress: either that things should be perfect; or that things will...