I thought I was ready. Putting myself out there has always been a hard pill to swallow. I can admit that I’ve reached my first stage of what feels like burn out at age 20. I have taken on multiple internships and was told a contract would end at 9 months but they keep extending it. It’s all so frustrating, I also am not complaining at the same time. I feel guilty for it.

Am I a workaholic ? When I think about that word, I also think about what it means to be a loner. Watching parties on my timeline that I just don’t seem to have any interest in, makes me question myself, what I want, and who I am. I mean what do I even like? If it’s not that, then what is it. What does being a normal adult even mean? Soon all my internships will be done and I will have a big block of time on my hands, and I’m so prepared for that. This is a reminder post to be patient with yourself .

What helps you be patient with yourself? How do you navigate burnout?

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