Should I Send It?

We’ve already blogged about what it means to be in a respectful relationship, but now we want to tackle a more specific topic: Sexting. Sexting can seem harmless, especially when it is happening between two people in an exclusive relationship. But sexting in any situation can have extreme consequences. Watch these two short videos to get an idea.

As you can see, there is no way to know what will happen once you press send. Think before you send a picture that could get into the wrong hands.

Just as important as knowing the consequences of sexting is recognizing when your partner is disrespecting you. A major form of disrespect is when your partner pressures you to do anything you don’t want to. That means physically, emotionally, or through the use of technology. A partner may try to manipulate you into sending a picture to them by complimenting you or assuring you they won’t share it, but once that picture is sent, there is no getting it back. Even a semi-nude picture or explicit text can be considered child pornography if the person is under 18, and the receiver or sender could face criminal charges, according to Remember, your self worth is not measured by your body, and your body is not something that should be able to be seen by anyone.

For more information on Sexting, Respect, or Pressure to be involved in sexting, visit:

Love is Respect and Do Something

Have you ever been pressured to share something you didn’t want to? How did you handle the situation? Share below.

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