Transition Year

If you plan to go to college, this transition can be one of the largest transitions that will happen in your life. Every aspect of it is new, and it can come with many rewards as well as challenges. These challenges can become even greater for those with previous or existing mental health disorders.  While college can include some of the best times of your life, it can also come with situations and stresses that can potentially bring forth unpleasant feelings such as anxiety or depression.


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Transition Year is a wonderful tool to help you adjust to the transition into college, particularly if you have mental health concerns. If you are currently not suffering from mental health issues, Transition Year is still a great resource to keep in your back pocket just in case new anxieties or worries arise during your first year. Coming from someone who entered college less than three years ago and who has suffered from both depression and anxiety, I greatly recommend looking through this site for some wonderful resources.

Highlights: Here are some of my favorite parts of Transition Year.

1. Articles

The individual articles are my favorite part of Transition Year. Anything that might be concerning you, from partying to classes to mental health, Transition Year has an article about it. Here are some that I found particularly helpful:

Six Steps to Taking Control of Your Emotional Health

College and Drinking

Dealing with Setbacks

2. Q & A

The question and answer portion is another wonderful resource for any questions about your college experience. Similarly to our blog, anyone with a login can post a question and a psychologist will answer. Past users have asked questions about transferring, helping friends with mental health issues, and speaking with counselors. The questions are categorized and open for any user to see.

3. Links and Resources

The Links and Resources tab is great for getting further resources on specific concerns. The links are organized into different topics and include hotlines, websites, and peer support groups.


Check out Transition Year if you are anywhere in your transition process into college. Let us know what you found helpful!

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